Bitters are widespread in nature

Bitter compounds are widespread in nature and can be found in a variety of plants and herbs. They are not only responsible for the bitter taste, but also have many health benefits, especially in the treatment of fatty liver.

Fatty liver occurs when fat accumulates in liver cells, which can lead to inflammation and damage to the liver. Bitters can help reduce fat storage in the liver and improve liver function, which plays an important role in the treatment of fatty liver.

A 2016 study found that bitter compounds from lowen tooth roots and leaves could significantly reduce liver fat content in rats with fatty liver disease. The bitter compounds caused an increased release of bile acids, which helped to increase fat burning in the liver.

Another 2018 study found that a bitter plant called Andrographis paniculata improved liver function in mice with fatty liver. The bitter compounds in the plant reduced inflammation and oxidative damage in the liver and improved insulin sensitivity, which helped regulate blood sugar levels.

In addition to reducing liver fat and improving liver function, bitters can also help regulate appetite and improve digestion. A 2017 study found that a combination of bitters and probiotic bacteria could challenge weight loss and improve insulin sensitivity in people with obesity.

In summary, bitter compounds can play an important role in the treatment of fatty liver. They can help reduce liver fat content, improve liver function and regulate appetite. There are many different types of bitter compounds found in various plants and herbs, and it is worth including them in your diet if you suffer from fatty liver or simply want to improve your liver health.

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Hildegard von Bingen was a medieval abbess known for her groundbreaking findings in natural medicine. One of her findings is that bitter substances play an important role in promoting good health. Here are some reasons why bitter substances are so valuable according to Hildegard of Bingen:

  1. Improve digestion: bitters stimulate the production of gastric juices and digestive enzymes that help improve the digestion of food.
  2. Strengthening the immune system: bitter substances can help strengthen the immune system by promoting the production of antibodies and white blood cells.
  3. Lowering blood sugar levels: bitters can help lower blood sugar levels by increasing the production of insulin and improving glucose uptake by cells.
  4. Detoxifying the body: bitters can help cleanse the body of harmful toxins by improving the function of the liver and kidneys.
  5. Lowering cholesterol: Bitters can help lower blood cholesterol levels by increasing the production of bile acids and reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines.
  6. Improve skin health: bitters can help improve skin health by promoting blood circulation and skin cell metabolism.
  7. Promote weight loss: bitters can help reduce body weight by inhibiting appetite and increasing fat burning in the body.

In summary, according to Hildegard of Bingen, bitter substances can have many positive effects on health. They can help improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, lower blood sugar levels, detoxify the body, lower cholesterol, improve skin health and promote weight loss. It's easy to incorporate more bitters into your diet by eating bitter foods like chicory, radicchio, arugula, artichokes and dark chocolate. Bitters can also be taken as a supplement to promote good health.

Bitters - natural helpers for healthy digestion

Bitters are an important component of food and play an important role in digestion. They stimulate the production of digestive juices and thus promote the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. But not only that: bitter substances also have numerous health benefits and can help with a variety of ailments.

One way to benefit from the advantages of bitter substances is a bitter substance cure. This involves taking bitter substance drops over a period of a few weeks to supply the body with sufficient bitter substances. The drops can simply be added to water and drunk and are usually well tolerated.

Bitter substances are contained in many foods, such as artichokes, chicory, radicchio or dandelion. Certain herbs and spices also contain bitter substances, such as parsley or coriander. Through a conscious diet, you can therefore easily take in more bitter substances.

A deficiency of bitter substances can cause various symptoms, such as flatulence, bloating or stomach pain. However, a sufficient supply of bitter substances can not only support digestion, but also improve liver function and strengthen the immune system.

Bitters can also help with weight loss, as they stimulate the metabolism and promote fat burning. So anyone looking for support in losing weight should make sure they have a sufficient intake of bitter substances.

Bitters can be purchased in various forms, such as drops, capsules or powder. Drops of bitter substances are particularly popular, as they are easy to dose and take. However, those who are interested in buying bitters products should make sure that they are of natural origin and do not contain any artificial additives.

The effect of bitter substances on the body is diverse and depends on various factors. Bitters have a positive effect on digestion and can also strengthen the immune system. In addition, they have a detoxifying effect on the liver and can support weight loss.

There are many delicious recipes with foods rich in bitter substances, such as an artichoke pizza or a salad with radicchio and grapefruit. A conscious diet rich in bitter substances can help to promote health and relieve ailments.

Overall, it can be said that bitter substances are an important part of a healthy diet. A sufficient supply of bitter substances can help improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and support weight loss. So if you want to do something for your health, you should aim for a balanced diet with lots of bitter substances.

pay attention. A targeted bitter substances cure can also help to supply the body with sufficient bitter substances and thus increase well-being.

When choosing bitter drops, the question often arises, which drops are the best. Here, one should look for natural products that are made from high-quality herbs and do not contain artificial additives. Popular bitter drops are, for example, those obtained from artichokes, dandelion or gentian.

Bitter substances are therefore not only recognized in naturopathy, but also in conventional medicine and are used for many complaints. Anyone who chooses a conscious diet with many bitter substances and specifically takes a bitter substance cure can benefit from the numerous advantages of bitter substances.