When the skin goes crazy

Whether annoying pimples and blackheads or deeper skin diseases such as neurodermatitis: unclean, reddened and scaly skin not only looks unattractive, it also reduces the well-being of every person. More adults are affected than you might think. Pimples are not just a part of teenage days. And other changes in the skin - caused by genes or external influences - also occur frequently. Those who suffer from them have usually already tried many things in the fight against skin problems. Now an active ingredient that has long been forgotten is supposed to provide relief: microsilver. I will take a closer look at what this new trend is all about.

In what way does microsilver work?

Silver has a germicidal effect on a wide variety of bacteria and fungi. This is evident from scientific research: silver ions destroy the cell structure of bacteria and other microorganisms. This antibacterial effect can prevent the multiplication of acne bacteria. Inflammations are thus prevented. The silver ions contained in the product are deposited on the surface of the skin and exert their effect locally. A protective film is formed on the skin, which ensures that the natural balance is restored. The protective barrier of stressed skin is strengthened.

What products are available with microsilver?

In addition to facial creams, there are also numerous other products with microsilver available for purchase: Whether facial cleansers, masks, shampoos, deodorants, hand creams or even toothpaste and dental care chewing gums - skin and gums can benefit equally.

For whom are products with microsilver suitable?

Not only impure skin prone to pimples or more pronounced forms of acne can be treated with silver creams and similar products. Dry, flaky skin also benefits from the silver ions. The active ingredient even has a positive effect on neurodermatitis: the skin affected by neurodermatitis has a weak defense function. This means that bacteria spread more easily here than on healthy skin. In addition, the disease itself brings bacteria with it. If the itchy areas are then scratched open, the pests are provided with an optimal surface in which they can grow. Microsilver counteracts this. The cream can therefore be used both during an acute episode to relieve the symptoms and to prevent further episodes. This was clinically and dermatologically tested in a user test on neurodermatitis patients.

Is the absorption of microsilver in the body harmful?

Nanosilver has been criticized for being harmful to health. However, nanosilver is not the same as microsilver. Nanosilver contains silver particles that have an average size of 50 nanometers (0.00005 millimeters). Because of their tiny size, they can penetrate much deeper into body cells, which is ultimately toxic. Microsilver, on the other hand, has a particle size of 10 micrometers, or 0.01 millimeters. These do not even manage to penetrate the skin. For this reason, the action of a silver cream takes place only on the surface of the skin, where it cannot cause any damage. Here, only the positive properties of the microsilver unfold.

A look into the past

Silver was already used in the time before Christ against germ colonization. For example, people stored their water in silver jugs to keep it largely germ-free. The ancient Egyptians were the first to use silver foil to heal wounds from injuries. The use of silverware is no coincidence either: the ions emitted in silver are effective against bacteria and fungi even in small quantities. And even before antibiotics came into use, silver was also used in medicine. With antibiotic resistance becoming increasingly common, silver in the form of colloidal silver is also making a comeback in medicines.


So if you are desperately looking for an effective product against acne & Co, you should try the silver cream. But here, too, it should be noted that an effectiveness is only visible with time. So do not be impatient. Whether you tolerate a product, on the other hand, you usually notice quite quickly. Since everyone reacts differently to an active ingredient, it may be possible that one person copes well with it and another less so. The only thing that helps is to try it out. In addition, nutrition and a stress-free lifestyle also play a decisive role. If you take all these factors into account, you are on the right track.