We live in a twisted world! This week it became known that a single soccer player changed clubs for an incredible 222 million euros. This is reason enough for climate protection activists to show us what could be achieved with this sum in environmental protection.

We at Natur Total have also thought about this and would now like to share this with you.

A very simple calculation
We buy up emission values and then delete them. We Germans (about 80 - 82 million people) are responsible for about 11 tons of CO2 per capita per year. That adds up to a total of 880 to 902 million tons of CO2 in Germany alone! For 222 million euros, almost 41.264 million tons of emissions could be erased, which is 4.57 to 4.69 percent of Germany's total CO2 emissions. The value of a single athlete could thus neutralize the climate-damaging greenhouse gas of 3.751 million!

A paradoxical world
Sometimes it seems as if a small part of the people is willing to protect the planet and to fight for its preservation. But why do so many others look away? There is a trend among young people that environmental protection is embarrassing or even stupid. Superficial consumption, pleasure and their own reputation are often more important to people than their own home planet. Yet Mother Earth is the one who gives us life, sustains it, provides us with fresh air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. Even the soccer player who will soon be kicking the ball for a new team for 222 million euros would hardly be capable of any great performance if he did not have enough of these three things at his disposal.

The relativity of values
Today, a man, a soccer player, is worth 222 million euros. If he plays a bad season, falls ill or simply doesn't want to fit into the new team, his value plummets. Moreover, he would be booed and berated by millions of disappointed fans. His value to his sports club has disappeared, yet he too still remains a human being who feels, breathes and drinks. People love the nice things: fashion, good food, their car and entertainment! But have you ever heard someone say that he or she loves the clean air to breathe or the wonderfully clear tap water? Please think for a moment what a banknote or a coin of solid gold is still worth if there is simply nothing nutritious to buy for it anymore!

Where ignorance reigns, the world suffers
Behind the supposed resignation is often only the secretly mistaken belief that they can do little themselves, and of course the fear of the consequences of climate catastrophe and other environmental threats. Many people compensate for these fears with even more consumption and entertainment. In addition, they hope that it will no longer affect them. But what about our children and their children?

Admittedly, the apparent powerlessness of the individual can be frustrating. But we will present you with another calculation in a moment. This illustrates with what a small financial investment you can easily neutralize your ecological footprint!

For only 16 cents a day!
it would be possible for every individual with an actually paltry contribution to do something for themselves and for nature:

Currently, the price for one ton of CO2 emissions on the stock exchange is 5.38 euros per ton. As already mentioned, one person in Germany emits 11 tons of CO2 per year. This means that you, as an individual consumer, would only have to pay 59.18 euros a year to offset your emissions.

This corresponds to 16 cents per day.

Just think about what you could get for 16 cents, or how easily you could set aside that small amount every day without sacrificing any luxury or amenity!