Coconut oil - a must in every home

Areas of application and mode of action of coconut oil

Coconut oil should have its place in every household. This requirement sounds surprising at first glance. However, it will become clear why coconut oil can be helpful in everyday life again and again. There are primarily two areas in which the oil can help. Most people will know coconut oil from the kitchen. Coconut oil is more suitable than other oils because it does not have a dominant taste. The taste is rather restrained and can therefore be used for cooking as well as baking. In addition, coconut oil can also be used in the care of the body. The oil is particularly suitable for dry skin and can help prevent skin tightness. In addition, coconut oil is also suitable for the hair. Especially those people who have to fight with very dry and brittle hair can use the oil. In many shampoos, which are on the market today, the oil is already. Mostly, however, the valuable coconut oil is used only in very small quantities, which are not enough to pamper your own hair. Therefore, the oil should be relied on directly, without taking the detour via the shampoo with the oil as an ingredient. However, the decisive advantage of coconut oil is that the oil can contribute to the well-being. Therefore, coconut oil should be taken in not too small quantities daily.
So it is ideal if coconut oil is present in every household in at least two places. Indispensable is the oil namely on the one hand in the kitchen, but on the other hand also in the bathroom. In addition, the oil can have a place in the medicine cabinet, because it is also suitable for minor sports injuries.

The peculiarity of coconut oil
When you press a coconut, the oil is formed. If you store it in a cool place, it becomes solid. At normal temperatures, however, the oil is liquid. In terms of ingredients, coconut oil naturally contains a lot of fat. This fat consists of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, whereby the unsaturated fatty acids are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. In addition, other ingredients are carbohydrates, protein and salt.

Coconut oil ingredients

Anyone who wants to take a closer look at coconut oil, must first look at the composition of the oil. This alone gives an idea of the positive effect the oil can have on the human body. For the most part, the oil consists of saturated fatty acids. If one considers recent results from the research, then it becomes clear that saturated fatty acids for the human organism are of an importance not to be underestimated. Not to be neglected, however, is the fact that the oil also contains vitamin E. This vitamin cannot be produced by the body itself and must therefore be supplied from the outside. It helps to inhibit inflammation in the body. However, the medium-chain fatty acids found in the oil, such as caproic acid, are particularly important. These fatty acids contain fewer calories than other fatty acids and can be digested better by the body. This is because they are water-soluble and can therefore pass directly through the blood to the liver. In this way, they are used to obtain energy.

Lose weight with coconut oil
Especially people who live health-conscious and watch their weight appreciate coconut oil for another reason. On the one hand, oils are of great importance for the human body. On the other hand, oils also contain calories. Therefore, it is important to find an oil that has as few calories as possible. This requirement is met by coconut oil, which contains fewer calories than conventional oils. Therefore, the oil is also suitable for people who want to lose weight or maintain their desired weight in the long term. The body can handle coconut oil well and at the same time we are supplied with important substances.

Coconut oil in the kitchen
In the kitchen coconut oil is already widely used. The background is the fact that the oil does not have a dominant flavor of its own. This is important because the dishes that are prepared, namely, should not taste of oil. Nevertheless, oil is important for the body because of the effects described. Therefore, the ideal oil is one that has a rather subtle taste. Therefore, it can be used not only for frying, but is also popular for salads. What many people do not know is that coconut oil can be used for both hot and cold dishes. Those who like to drink smoothies and make them themselves know that a little oil is always needed. Whoever uses an unsuitable oil with a dominant inherent taste here will be confronted with the problem that the smoothie only tastes of oil. Therefore, especially for this purpose, an oil should be found that does not push itself to the fore. Coconut oil fulfills this function in a wonderful way.

Particularly in hot cooking, close attention must be paid to which oils are used. This is because there are oils that develop trans fatty acids. Whether this is the case, and especially when it occurs, depends on the chemical structure of the oil in question. Therefore, when choosing a suitable oil for hot cooking, it is important to pay close attention to which oil is used. Trans fatty acids can be formed when unsaturated fatty acids are heated. Trans fatty acids are dangerous for the human body and should therefore be avoided. The ideal thing about coconut oil is that unsaturated fatty acids are only present in very small quantities. In addition, coconut oil has a very high smoke point, so that also for this reason the emergence of trans fatty acids is not very likely. For these two reasons, coconut oil can be used without hesitation for hot cooking. Translated, this means that coconut oil can be used for frying without any problems. But coconut oil can also be used for deep-frying.

Body care through body oil

The second area of application of coconut oil is the care of the body. There are two areas of application, namely the skin and hair. Those who have already taken a closer look at natural cosmetics and have taken a look at the ingredients will know that coconut oil is often included. However, it is important that the coconut oil is contained naturally and is not mixed with lesser preservatives. Only in its natural form, the oil can develop its effect. Anyone who has already cared for his body with coconut oil can confirm that the effect is immediately noticeable. One feels better immediately. It is a very beneficial effect for the body, which should be given to him at regular intervals. Even if it is a care from the outside, you can immediately feel it inside. Dry skin immediately feels supple and no longer taut. The hair no longer seems dry, but shines with a new luster. To achieve a lasting effect, care must be taken that the oil can be absorbed into the hair for a certain time. It is therefore ideal if the oil is used in the evening, because it can then be absorbed throughout the night. In the morning, the oil can then be washed out. With the amount, depending on the condition of the hair, make sure that the hair is not greasy.

It should be emphasized that coconut oil is not only suitable for women. For men, too, there are various applications of coconut oil. Especially popular is the coconut oil during a shave, because it helps that the skin relaxes and there is no inflammation or other skin reactions.

Due to the fact that it also contains lauric acid, the oil can also be helpful in fighting wrinkles. It is ideal if the oil is already used for the first wrinkles. But the acid can also have a positive effect on advanced wrinkles. The decisive factor is first and foremost the well-being, which can be significantly improved by the oil.

Young people can help coconut oil in that the oil has an antibacterial effect and can therefore help with skin impurities. It is a completely natural substance, so the body does not have to face chemical substances that it does not know because they are artificial.

Coconut oil as a dietary supplement

In the field of dietary supplements, coconut oil has its permanent place. This is due to the fact that the fatty acids of the oil can directly enter the blood, which leads to the fact that they are converted into energy.

In the case of superficial injuries, the oil can also be used as part of the therapy. It has a disinfecting effect and relaxes. However, it is important that the oil is used in the long term, because the effect can not occur immediately.

Coconut oil in animal care
At first glance it may sound surprising, but coconut oil can also help animals. Namely, if pets have problems with the fall or struggle with skin irritation, the oil can have a calming effect and help with healing. Especially in summer, coconut oil can also help against ticks and other vermin. In this regard, there are even already the first scientific studies that prove that ticks avoid the respective animal with coconut oil. This method is ideal because the animals do not have to come into contact with artificial chemicals, which can have side effects. Coconut oil is a natural substance that will not harm the animals. Treatment with the oil is even pleasant for many animals, because they like the smell. By the way, coconut oil can also be an effective protection against ticks for humans and should therefore be used regularly, especially in the summer.

Choosing the right coconut oil
Meanwhile, there is a wide range of different coconut oils on the market, so you should pay close attention to which oil meets your own requirements. It is ideal if the oil is unbleached and unhydrogenated. In addition, it should not be refined. If you want to use the described positive effects of the oil, you should make sure that the coconut oil is of good quality. Only if it is high quality oil, the oil can actually develop the effects discussed here. Especially with industrially produced fats, there is a risk that they are hardened. Then there is the risk that trans fatty acids are formed, which are dangerous for the human body. For this reason, not only the price should be considered when choosing, but rather the ingredients and composition should be decisive. This is the only way to ensure that the oil does not harm the human body, but positively benefits it.


The initially established thesis that coconut oil should have its place in every household seems to be confirmed. But it is important that in every household there is not only one coconut oil. The oil has so many different applications that there should be at least one in the kitchen and bathroom. In terms of applications, imagination is required, because the oil can be used very versatile. The effects described here are examples. In addition, everyone must find out for himself how he can ideally integrate the oil into his everyday life. For example, the oil is also suitable for a massage and thus helps with relaxation. Even small children love the oil and can be creamed with it.

With all the expectations placed on oil, it is important to remember that they cannot occur overnight. Those who wish to see changes in the long term must have the patience necessary for this. With regular use, positive effects on the human organism can be expected. Then, however, it is important not to stop the therapy, but to continue it. Especially healthy hair and healthy skin must be regularly supplied with the oil. The same applies to the oil in the kitchen, which should be used daily.

Coconut oil should therefore be understood as a part of the medicine cabinet. It is therefore also important to ensure regular replenishment. However, it is crucial to remember the oil and its effect at the relevant moments so that it can be used when it is needed. Especially at the beginning, it will be an adjustment to learn how often you can fall back on the oil in everyday life. In the long run, it is rather a relief, because it can be used in many ways.

In the kitchen, the oil should be used especially in the context of hot cooking, because it is particularly suitable for this. In addition, the oil is also indispensable in the cold kitchen. Especially when it comes to a dish that requires oil, but the oil should not be the focus of taste, coconut oil is an ideal solution. Therefore, all smoothie lovers should test it. The smoothie gains quality without the taste being negatively affected.