Sango coral studies

What is Sango Coral

Sango coral (also known as "Sango sea coral") is a species of coral that grows in the waters around the island of Okinawa in Japan. Sango coral contains a variety of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, in a ratio of 2:1, which is considered particularly beneficial for the human body.

Sango coral is often sold as a dietary supplement in powder or capsule form and promoted as a "natural" source of calcium and other minerals. However, there is limited scientific evidence of the health benefits of sango coral as a dietary supplement, and there are concerns about the sustainability of coral reefs, as overharvesting of coral reefs can lead to their destruction.

Sango corals contain a lot of the minerals calcium and magnesium, which are so important for us, and exactly in the 2:1 ratio ideal for humansand other important minerals and trace elements. This coral is mainly found in the region around the Japanese Okinawa. Because of its almost perfect for the human body addition of the minerals calcium, magnesium and also potassium, the Sango coral contributes in an optimal way to the remineralization in the body.

We are all angry

Our long tradition of the wrong diet, which includes, for example, far too much meat consumption, has led to the fact that most people today have too much acid in their bodies (keyword: "hyperacidity"). This promotes all kinds of inflammations, rheumatism is just one example. The minerals of the Sango coral regulate the human acid-base balance in such a way that a too high acid content is neutralized.

Growing demand for Sango calcium across Europe

In the meantime, especially in Germany, a significantly increased demand for preparations from the Sango coral, e.g. in the form of capsules or powder, can be observed. This may also have something to do with the increased reporting on the subject, for example, in certain Internet forums. Particularly charming with the Sango calcium is its characteristic to be only a food auxiliary material, i.e. one does not have to undergo a strenuous purification cure or restrictive base fasting cure with its application. And yet, as more and more reports confirm, Sango coral has a demonstrably health-promoting effect on our organism.

Bioavailability of Sango Sea Coral

The so-called bioavailability is about how well and completely a product can be absorbed by the body, sometimes one speaks in this context of "incorporate". The special composition of Sango coral results in a very high bioavailability, much higher than is the case with other calcium preparations. Even an overdose with harmful side effects is in principle not possible, because our body simply excretes the minerals it does not need, just like the tiny gold flakes in "Gdansk Gold Water". Incidentally, the Sango sea coral contains hardly any calcium carbonates, for the chemical breakdown of which the body would have to expend energy.

About the history of Sango sea coral

Until recently, the oldest man in the Guinness Book of Records was Isumi. He had worked on Okinawa until his 105th birthday, then died in 1985 at the age of 121. His old age was probably no coincidence, however, because on Okinawa it is demonstrably common to live to be more than 100 years old. Most of the serious diseases of civilization, such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases, were and are virtually unknown there. Extensive scientific research finally uncovered a possible explanation. Okinawa consists to a large extent of a base of Sango corals, which is also the storage rock for the ground water and thus the drinking water. The fruits and vegetables that grow there are also influenced by its geological bedrock.

The natural erosion of the Sango coral rock has formed huge banks of this coral sand around Okinawa The beach as well as the entire base area of the island consist of a coral sand that is optimally beneficial for humans. Under government control, these marine sediments of snow-white Sango sea coral are now being cleared away purely mechanically and exported all over the world.

Scientific evidence of the health benefits of sango coral

Within the framework of the "Okinawa Centenarian Study", the connection between the above-average life expectancy and the ubiquitous Sango coral on Okinawa was clearly proven. The long-term study was conducted in the long period from 1976 to 1994 and came to the already above-mentioned conclusion that the mineral composition of the Sango coral is, as it were, like a copy of human tissue parts, which optimizes its bioavailability for us.

There is no scientific evidence to support a health-promoting effect of Sango coral. Although the "Okinawa Centenarian Study" shows a connection between the high life expectancy on Okinawa and the consumption of Sango coral, the cause is not clearly understood and there are also other factors that could contribute to this.

There are some studies that have looked at the ingredients of Sango coral and investigated potential health benefits. However, the overall body of studies is still very limited and more research is needed to confirm the potential benefits of sango coral.

It is important to emphasize that taking supplements such as Sango Coral cannot replace a balanced diet and that a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and adequate physical activity, is the best way to promote health.