Matcha tea the healthiest tea in Japan

If you want to do something good for your body, it is always recommended to use matcha tea for this purpose. It is a drink that was originally popular especially in Japan. In recent years, however, it has been shown that the tea is also in demand in Germany. The ideal thing about the tea is that it is a natural product. It has a positive effect on human health and for this reason is always used. The effects are manifold. However, it has been shown that, first and foremost, regular use is crucial. In the long run, the tea can then even prevent diseases.


The effects of the Matcha teas are currently based especially on the experience of people who drink the tea regularly. Scientific studies do not exist yet. However, if we take into account that there are studies on the positive effects of green tea, they can be transferred. There is even much to suggest that the effect must be even better than with pure green tea, because the proportion of ingredients is significantly higher than in the known varieties of green tea.

Positive effects on everyday life

Even people who are in good health swear by matcha tea. This is due to the fact that the effects are positively noticeable, especially in the strenuous everyday life. For example, those who find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, the tea can help. In addition, the tea can help to improve the ability to concentrate. It should be added that the tea also tastes delicious and should be tried for that reason alone.


Those who are interested in the matcha tea should take into account that it is a very exclusive tea, which can not and should not be compared with ordinary teas. Despite the great demand, to date there are only a few operators who grow this tea. In addition, when choosing the tea, it is important that it is organic quality, so that the body is promoted holistically. So financially, you should expect to pay around 30 euros for about 30 grams of tea. However, this cost should not deter, but rather give a realistic impression of the capabilities of the tea.Raw Organic Green Matcha Tea


For those who are not familiar with Matcha tea, the best way to describe it is that it has certain similarities with green tea. In detail, however, there are crucial differences. While green tea is rather bitter, the matcha tea convinces with a fruity taste.

The components of the tea

If you compare the matcha tea with other teas, you will immediately notice that the concentration is a significant difference. One gram of the matcha tea is enough for a whole cup of tea. In terms of content, of course, the tea contains teein. The amount is about 30 mg. This substance provides a positive influence on mood and helps to get out of bed well in the morning. Theanine is also contained in the tea. This is a rare and special amino acid. This substance also helps to increase concentration and to get through the day cheerfully. This substance is also said to have a mood-lifting effect. Whether the substance can also help with strokes and Alzheimer's disease has not yet been scientifically proven. However, there are certain indications that speak in favor of it. The proteins it contains are also particularly important. They represent a strength donor and therefore contribute to the fact that the body is strengthened. Furthermore, calcium should be emphasized, which is of crucial importance for the stability of the bones. In addition, iron is also present in a rather small quantity. Iron is important for the transport of oxygen in the blood. Potassium is also an ingredient and is important for muscle functions in the body. In addition, a variety of other substances are contained in smaller quantities, such as polyphenol and tannin. These substances have a disinfecting effect. The vitamins contained are not to be neglected. In addition to vitamin B2 and vitamin B2, this also includes vitamin C.

Particularly noteworthy are the antioxidants. They have a protective effect against dangerous UV radiation. The ideal thing about them is that they can protect human cells.

Effects of the tea

In order for the tea to develop its positive effect, it is important that the tea is consumed not only occasionally, but regularly. Especially in the beginning, the body must get to know the tea before it can react to it. In the long run, however, the positive effects are clearly noticeable. For example, many tea drinkers report that they feel more relaxed and are less often irritable. In addition, the tea can have a preventive effect on many diseases. The background for this is that matcha tea has a relatively high ORAC value. ORAC is an abbreviation that stands for Oxigen Radical Absorbing Capacity. This describes the ability to stop free radicals. This is necessary because it allows them to be rendered harmless. This ensures that health is not attacked, but can be spared.

Lose weight with matcha tea

Matcha tea is also recommended again and again when the focus is on reducing one's body weight. Since the weight loss process is associated with efforts for the human body, care should be taken that this process takes place as healthy as possible. Therefore, natural substances that do not attack the body but, on the contrary, support it in a beneficial way are particularly suitable. Of course, the effect of tea should not be overestimated. Long-term success in losing weight can only be achieved if a healthy lifestyle is adopted overall. Matcha tea, however, can be an element of this. The tea ensures that the basal metabolic rate increases. This is important so that many calories can be burned in the shortest possible time. In addition, matcha contains bitter substances that help to eat as few sweets as possible.

Get fit with matcha tea

Especially in autumn and winter, many people feel listless and have no solution how to get back on their feet. In such situations, the tea is suitable, because it makes lively, without that the body would be overstrained by it. No one has to be afraid that the tea will make them hyperactive. The effect is mild, but sufficiently pronounced. Unlike coffee, the effect of matcha tea lasts much longer. So, it is an effect that lasts several effects without overstraining the body. This is due to the fact that the tea has a relaxing effect at the same time.

Scientific background

Specifically on matcha tea, there are no research results yet. However, in recent years, much research has been done on green tea. These are international research results that have confirmed each other again and again. It is noticeable that green tea has a very positive effect on the human body.


Matcha keeps what the tea promises. It is currently a rather unknown tea, but the effect is convincing. Anyone who wants to promote their own health in the long term should think about matcha tea as an element. It is important, however, that the demands on the tea are also not set too high. The decisive factor is an overall healthy lifestyle. The tea can make a contribution, but not compensate for an otherwise unhealthy life. Therefore, matcha tea should be considered part of a lifestyle that can be rounded out with the tea.

Those who choose tea begin a journey for which they should bring some time. The results will appear more and more from time to time. However, it is important to have the necessary patience so that the body can get used to the tea and the effect.

At first glance, the price may be an obstacle to testing. However, it should be said that the effect is very great even in small quantities, so there is no need to consume the tea in large quantities. Therefore, the tea cannot be compared with ordinary teas. Even a small amount of about 1mg is enough to brew a large cup of tea. This information is important so that the tea can be given a real chance.

Especially people who are planning to lose weight, this tea is recommended. Objectively, the tea is so suitable because it can accelerate the burning of calories. But more important is the subjective effect, which helps to reduce cravings for sweets. This ensures that during the weight loss process, one does not have the permanent impression of having to give up delicious food. Thus, losing weight does not hurt, because you hardly notice it. There is no need to fight against a feeling of hunger.