Konjac - the versatile root from Asia

Surely many people have heard of the konjac root. But more important than the name is the knowledge about the effects of this root. That is why it is worthwhile for everyone to take a closer look at it. Only those who know the background will be able to make a decision as to whether the root can also develop the desired effects in their person.

Originally, the konjac root comes from Asia. Meanwhile, however, the root is also very popular in our latitudes, because the diverse effects are amazing. To get an idea of the root, let's describe it briefly. It grows in the heights at a moderate average temperature. Its root is larger than average, because it can grow up to 25 cm in diameter. Often the root is then processed. In composition, the root consists of more than half glucomannan and a quarter starch. Sugar, fat, cellulose and minerals are also present in smaller quantities. The ratio in which the substances are present in the root is particularly decisive. Their effect is due not only to this combination, but also in a special way to the ratio in which the substances are present.

While sugar, fat, cellulose, starch, and minerals should be familiar to most people, when it comes to glucomannan, people usually ask what it is. The question is justified, because glucomannan is not particularly well known in our latitudes. If one wants to describe Glucomannan, one usually speaks of a viscous liquid that can ideally bind water. For this reason, it is very important that Glucomannan is only taken if the body is also supplied with sufficient liquid. Glucomannan is also used especially in diets. The background is to be seen in the fact that in Glucomannan no carbohydrates are present. Those who want to lose weight usually refrain from carbohydrates. It is important then, however, that the effect is not underestimated and the body is supplied with a sufficient amount of water.

After this theoretical background, the logical question is how the root can be used in everyday life. Various types of flour can be obtained from the root. This is the original product. From this more can then take place a further processing. What is certain is that a healthy original product is used. Within the EU, it is an approved food, with a maximum dosage of 10g to 1kg. It is possible that konjac root is also known from another context. If you look at the composition of various skin care products, the name konjac appears again and again. This is because the root has a hydrating effect and is therefore particularly suitable for the production of cosmetics.

Lose weight the healthy way
Recently, the konjac root appears again and again in connection with the reduction of one's own body weight. Here, too, the root can make good contributions. The background is the fact that glucomannan saturates particularly well. So if you use foods that contain glucomannan, you have to eat less often and are still full. The ideal thing about this method is that you can lose weight without having to starve yourself. This variant is therefore also suitable if a permanent weight reduction is desired. The fact that Glucomannan saturates in the long term prevents cravings from destroying the results achieved. At the same time, Glucomannan is also an ideal tool because it can be used to make all kinds of foods yourself. Thus, it is a tool that allows one to make any food. It can also be used to influence the taste. Glucomannan itself contains hardly any calories. In order to succeed in losing weight permanently, it is nevertheless important to ensure that the effect is not counteracted in the recipes. It is therefore important to eat healthily despite Glucomannan. It should perhaps be emphasized that glucomannan itself has no taste of its own. This is important because it means that the food is not influenced by any other taste. So the conventional recipes can be used without the taste being different from what one is used to. Thus, there is no need for new recipes or new creations, but the familiar and popular dishes can be cooked or baked together with glucomannan.

Now you always hear the objection that people would like to use ready-made products because that takes less time. Not everyone has the time to cook a big meal every day. There are now interesting solutions for this, too. For example, there are now konjac noodles on the market that use glucomannan. This is practical because the noodles do not have to be produced by the company itself, but are available ready-made. At the moment, the market is still quite small, but it is to be expected that new products will be added again and again when consumers realize that the effects are better than those of ordinary foods. But already now the market is sufficiently large and consumers will be amazed at what products with glucomannan are available.

The ideal thing about glucomannan is that the substance is not only suitable for weight loss, but also has some positive effects on the human body, which should not be underestimated. Thus, it should be particularly emphasized that it is a substance that is also suitable for diabetics. Also people who struggle with blood pressure problems report positive effects from glucomannan.

Within the EU, and thus also in Germany, Glucomannan is approved for body weight reduction. It is recognized that Glucomannan can help to achieve the desired body weight. However, it is important to pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet at the same time. Weight loss will only be successful if the diet is low in calories. It is crucial that 1 gram of glucomannan is present in one serving. The desired effects can only be achieved if there is a daily intake. This should be about 3 grams. However, this amount should not be taken all at once, but divided into different portions. Ideally, the body should be given the amount divided into three portions. However, it is important that a sufficient amount of water is drunk at the same time. At least two glasses of water are recommended, although a larger amount can only have a positive effect.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, the konjac root is exactly the right address. It should be emphasized that it is a substance from nature, which is therefore well tolerated by the body. It is precisely not artificial, chemical substances that are unknown to the body. Therefore, in addition to weight reduction, the root has other positive effects on the human body, which should not be underestimated. It is, you could say, a holistic product.

If you talk to people who want to lose weight, you always notice that cravings are a problem. People deliberately deprive themselves of something that makes everyday life very exhausting. Frequently such a Diät cannot be kept up also in the long run, because sooner or later the hunger triumphs. Here, too, there is no need to worry about the konjac root. Due to the fact that the root saturates for a very long time, it is possible to lose weight without having to fight with one's own hunger. This contributes to the fact that long-term results can be achieved in this way. Losing weight is achieved incidentally, without the process being an effort for the body.

In addition to the longer saturation, konjac also has the effect that the appetite is permanently reduced. This is due to the fact that glucomannans influence the hormone ghrelin. The influence takes place in such a way that the hormone is inhibited. Since this hormone decides on the human appetite, it is reduced, which is also a positive side effect in the context of a diet.

In addition, glucomannans not only helps to bind water from the meal. This is only one, albeit important, effect. Ideally, Glucomannane also binds the fat from the meals. The result is that the human body absorbs less fat. The fats are excreted as quickly as possible. This is also an important process in losing weight, which can be supported in this way.

Scientific tests
It should also be added that the effect of konjac is now scientifically confirmed. Not only the people who have tried this method of losing weight are convinced, but also the scientists who have accompanied the weight loss process.

Recommendation for action
Anyone who is now convinced by the konjac root should make sure that foods contain glucomannans. Especially in the beginning, ready-made foods such as noodles are ideal to get to know the new "superfood". Those who are more advanced can also reach for glucomannans and then conjure up their own foods. However, it is crucial that the food is used permanently, so that a positive effect can be determined as quickly as possible. Only those who persevere with such a holistic diet in the long run will be able to be rewarded by a reduction in their own body weight.