Moringa - Superfood from India

Currently, one hears again and again about Moringa. Apart from the term, however, many people can not connect anything with it at the moment. For this reason, we want to explain today what Moringa is all about and how you can personally benefit from it. Another name is tree, or even more apt: miracle tree. Especially by enthusiastic followers, the latter name is chosen again and again. Possibly, however, the term horseradish tree means more to one or the other. All names are names for the same phenomenon. The decisive factor is that moringa is a particularly nutrient-rich substance. Sometimes people even go so far as to say that moringa is the most nutrient-rich product imaginable. Even now, one will be able to imagine what significance Moringa can have for the human body.

Moringa comes originally from India and is very appreciated there. Recently, however, the tree is also becoming better known and thus more popular in our latitudes.


Now the question arises how Moringa can be used so that the desired effect can unfold. Moringa is considered a medicine in India. There are many hundreds of diseases for which Moringa can help to alleviate or cure. In the beginning, science was still skeptical and could do little with Moringa. But times have changed and science had to admit that the effect is indeed impressive. Thus, in recent years, a long list of positive properties has been worked out. This makes it clear that Moringa is associated with some kind of benefit for almost everyone. For example, Moringa can be used to purify water. However, moringa is also a popular anti-aging remedy, which has to do with the fact that it contains zeatin. This helps to renew the skin and thus the aging process is not visible.

Moringa in the diet

Moringa has a very high content of iron and protein. These are substances that are often lacking in vegans. So that no deficiency symptoms occur, they can absorb these substances by means of Moringa.

But moringa is also important for non-vegans. Almost everyone suffers from deficiencies, because a balanced diet is hardly enforceable in this day and age. Thus, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin E can also be found in Moringa. There are hardly any foods with which the need can be covered as well as with Moringa. The specific composition can not be named across the board, because it is a matter of plants and the quantities contained thus depend on the individual growth.

Since Moringa contains many important nutrients, it contributes significantly to human health. Thus, an intake can have a positive effect in that an anti-inflammatory effect occurs. In addition, the leaves ensure that an elevated cholesterol level can be reduced. The decisive factor here is that it is a natural option that does not involve any chemicals. It is about a tree and its leaves!

However, for those who do not want to take the leaves pure, there are also interesting possibilities. Moringa can also be used in sauces or salads. Moringa can also be mixed into smoothies. For the body it is not crucial how Moringa is taken, but that it is supplied with Moringa.


Moringa is a superfood from India, which is rightly becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes these days. There is no comparable alternative with which the body can be supplied with many important nutrients in a healthy way. The ideal is that it is a plant that occurs in nature - a completely natural substance without artificial additives.