Lose weight made easy with HIIT

Losing weight is always an issue. This can play a role in the period after Christmas, but also at any other time of year. It is even ideal if the goal of losing weight is not made dependent on a specific point in time, but is supported by an inner conviction. The right time can therefore be determined individually by each person. Only those who are really convinced of losing weight can achieve this goal. The background for this thesis is motivation. Any sports program can only be a success if it is supported by continuous motivation. Once the motivation has been established, the question then arises as to which program is suitable. Ideally, this should be a program that takes little time and yet shows visible results within a short period of time. At first glance, this goal sounds too good to be true, but there is a program with which this goal can be achieved. The magic word is called HIIT.

What does HIIT mean?

HIIT is the abbreviation for "High-intensity interval training". This means interval training that is particularly intense. This leads to the fact that hardly any time needs to be invested and at the same time ensures that the results are already visible within a short time. This intensive training helps to burn a lot of fat in a very short time. For this, however, one must also be willing to test one's physical limits. Because only when the physical limits are reached, fat burning can succeed at such a pace.

Alternative sports programs

Surely everyone has wanted to lose weight. But if there is no success, the motivation is quickly reduced. Why do sports if the body weight is not reduced? Then you can actually save yourself the effort. That's what many people think. But this is the wrong way - the wrong sport. Only when the body enters the decisive phase of fat burning during the sport can weight loss succeed. For this reason it is very important to find the right program. However, in most cases this does not lie in the well-known sports such as jogging or swimming. If the body is to get into the fat burning phase, more must be done. Extraordinary programs must be looked for, which stress the body in such a way that it is actually challenged. Then the body can't help but start burning fat. So, it is important to get into exactly this phase. Subsequently, it is not at all necessary to stay in this phase for a particularly long time. Just 20 minutes is enough and the body will react. Within a short time you will not only feel much fitter, but you will also be able to reduce your weight. Going to the scales will quickly show that the sport has indeed been successfully completed.

How does HIIT work?

HIIT is more than just sport. Everyone will notice that it is an exciting task that is even fun. This leads to the fact that you almost forget the time and no longer even have the consciousness to do sports. The fun is clearly in the foreground. Anyway, you don't have to take a lot of time for a HIIT session. You shouldn't take it either, because the body shouldn't be stressed too much either. It is ideal to do a HIIT unit of maximum 30 minutes. Beginners can also increase slowly and start with smaller units. It is always important to listen to your own body. It sets the appropriate pace. In the long run, however, you should aim for a workout that lasts about 30 minutes. However, such a workout does not have to be done every day to achieve results. Again, it is recommended to start slowly and then increase the frequency from time to time. The ideal thing about HIIT units is that fat burning does not only take place during the workout. By stressing the body in this way, it is ensured that the fat burning continues for hours to ensure that the weight loss effect is increased. 30 minutes of training does not mean that fat burning will only take place for 30 minutes, but for several hours. For this reason, especially with HIIT training, it is important not to overdo it. 30 minutes feels to the body in fat burning as significantly more. This is exactly the reason why HIIT units are ideal if losing weight is the main focus of your efforts.

Course of the training

Those who opt for HIIT training can decide quite flexibly how this should be designed. There are no fixed rules to which you have to adhere. You can pay attention to your own body and design a workout that is based on your own abilities. However, it is important that the training is carried out in the form of an interval. This means that the units are combined with regular breaks in which the body can regenerate. In these phases strength is collected, which is then available for the further units. To make this abstract explanation vivid, the following example can serve. For example, the load can take the form of push-ups. The break can then either be completely relaxed or filled by less intense loads. One such less stressful exercise could be slow rope skipping. However, this is not a fixed exercise. The decisive factor is what one's own body can do. One should orient oneself to this. At the same time, it is important that sufficient changes take place. It should not always be the identical exercises, because the body needs new stimuli to which it can then react accordingly. So there are no limits to one's own imagination. All conceivable exercises can also be implemented practically. How long the individual phases should last can also not be said in general terms. The decisive factor is one's own performance capacity, which should be used as a guide. For beginners, 15 seconds can be enough, especially at the beginning. However, the training goal should then be that a load is applied for about 60 seconds, which is then interrupted by a break. Advanced users can then perform the exercise between 15 and 60 seconds and increase slowly, but - this is important - continuously. However, the break should then not last as long as the active time. As a rule of thumb, the pause should be about half as long as the time spent exercising. This is important because the body should not recover completely, but should only be allowed to rest briefly. Then there is the question of how often the exercises should be repeated. Here it can be said that eight repetitions are already very good. But here, too, it is important to increase slowly. For beginners, three repetitions are already a desirable goal. Especially at the beginning it may be necessary to take longer breaks between exercises. In this case, however, make sure that the pauses do not last longer than is objectively necessary.

Advantages of such HIIT training

Now, you might argue that a HIIT workout doesn't take long, but it does put a fair amount of strain on the body. There might be sports that are easier to perform. But that is only half the truth. Even if you do other sports for hours, you will never burn as much fat as a short HIIT workout. So the goal should be considered. If the goal is to burn a lot of fat and lose weight this way, then it is recommended to prefer a HIIT workout. Quickly this will also be fun - it is only in the beginning the overcoming to do something new, which stands in the way of many people. It should also always be kept in mind that a HIIT training ensures that even hours after the unit, the fat burning is boosted. This goal can not be achieved with other sports.

It should be emphasized that the effect of HIIT training is now scientifically proven. There have been several studies that have dealt with HIIT. They all came to the conclusion that effective weight loss iSv fast fat burning is possible especially with HIIT workouts.

Convinced: What's next?

If you are now convinced of HIIT workouts, the question is how to implement this good resolution now. This is quite simple. Such a workout can be done anytime and anywhere. The only important thing is that the will is there. Then the HIIT training can take place at home just as well as in the gym. Exercises include push-ups, squats and lunges. But these are only popular examples - the exercises can be done as you like, just as you like. However, care should be taken that the load phase really stresses the body. Only then will fat burning be stimulated.


If you are pursuing the goal of reducing your own body weight, HIIT is the right choice. There are no excuses here: HIIT is suitable for everyone. It does not require any equipment or other aids. Anyone can do the exercises anytime and anywhere. All that is needed is a strong will.