Rice protein

Rice protein is an important substance, which is conceptually composed of rice and protein. When you think of rice, the first thing you think is that it involves the intake of carbohydrates. However, rice also contains protein. In fact, this is a protein that did not want to be underestimated. Rice protein is a vegetable protein that can be obtained from rice grains. Overall, it is a particularly high protein content. First and foremost, it is an important substance for the body. In addition, it is also suitable when it comes to building muscles. That is why rice proteins are used especially by athletes. But even besides that, there are interesting areas of application, so a closer look at the rice protein is suitable for everyone. It is particularly interesting that the rice protein can convince with a positive taste. In addition, it is very nutritious, so that a few hours should not feel hungry. It is therefore a dietary supplement that can at least already clear up two prejudices.


If you look at the components of rice proteins, the amino acid stands out. Especially when it comes to muscle building, then the content of amino acids should be very high. This is guaranteed with rice proteins. However, if you take a closer look at the composition of rice, it becomes clear that it consists to a very large extent of carbohydrates. Only about 5 percent is protein. Consequently, the question then arises as to how a high protein content is possible at all in this case. To answer this question, we should take a closer look at the composition of a rice grain. The part that consists of carbohydrates is the nutritive tissue. This also leads to the fact that rice contains the calories that it ultimately has. In addition, there is a rice germ from which the plant is formed. However, this is not the important substances. What is crucial is the last part, namely the layers on the edge. This is the origin of the rice proteins. This is the actual important nutrient. Minerals, vitamins and proteins are found there.

However, this rice should be confused with the rice we know. White rice, as it is very well known, was husked. This leads to the fact that the rice consists practically only of carbohydrates. The important nutrients just described are lost in this way. The reason why rice is usually hulled before it is sold is that this is the only way it can be kept for a long time. Since a long shelf life is of great importance to the trade, there is no other option than to sell the rice without the important husk. The background has nothing to do with health considerations, but is based solely on economic necessity. So, not all rice is the same. It is the differences in the details that matter.

Therefore, the ordinary white rice is not a food that provides the body with important nutrients. It is true that eating rice leads to a feeling of satiety quickly. But the important minerals, vitamins and proteins man has not taken in this way. This is a common misunderstanding that was important to understand because it is the only way to respond appropriately.

However, if you switch to whole grain rice instead of ordinary white rice, you provide your own body with additional protein. Rice protein can then also be obtained from this. Of course, there are other supplements besides rice protein that advertise that this can improve the protein content in the body. That may be correct. However, the additional substances that are contained in rice protein in addition to proteins are decisive. These are mainly vitamins and minerals, which are also important for the body. The intake of rice protein thus ensures that the body is supplied with various important substances at the same time.

In order to illustrate this abstract explanation somewhat, some vitamins are to be named, which can be found in rice protein. These are vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and many other important substances. The list could be continued. But the message is clear. One's body should be supplied with as many minerals and vitamins as possible at the same time. The decisive factor is that the substances mentioned are naturally contained in the rice protein. They are therefore not added to it afterwards in an artificial way. This also plays an important role when it comes to the classification of rice protein. This guarantees that the ratio of the various substances to each other is appropriate. This is only difficult to ensure if substances are added artificially afterwards.

It should be especially emphasized that in the rice protein is a large amount of vitamin E. This vitamin is very important for the protection of your own body. It ensures that the cells of the body are sufficiently protected.

Unlike pure rice, rice protein contains only a small amount of carbohydrates. This is especially important if the athlete values a low-carbohydrate diet. Also in these cases, the rice protein can be taken, because it just does not have the carbohydrate content, as typical rice. In addition, it must be taken into account that rice protein contains many important substances that rice lacks in its pure form.

Especially people who want to eat healthy should therefore make sure that sufficient rice proteins find a place in their own diet. In this context, it is important that as few carbohydrates as possible are consumed, but at the same time many high-quality proteins. Summarizing this description, rice proteins should be the means of choice.

Also suitable for allergy sufferers

If you look at the various protein powders in their daily use, incompatibilities are always noticeable. Of course, this is an obstacle that should not be put in the way of athletes. The background is that many protein powders consist of whey protein. If the athlete then has a lactose intolerance, he cannot take this powder without discomfort. Apart from this example, athletes often complain about other intolerances, which should not be investigated in detail here. What is crucial is that rice protein does not have all these dangers. It is a protein that can be consumed without hesitation. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Thus, no risk has to be taken and yet it is not necessary to do without protein. Due to the fact that rice proteins are a purely vegetable substance, it is also suitable for vegans.

However, it is important to take a close look at the desired rice protein. Here, too, there are many different quality levels that should be analyzed in detail. Often, the decisive difference lies in the amount of protein contained. Here, each athlete must make an individual decision for himself. It is also essential to pay attention to the number of carbohydrates. Often you can find very cheap products on the market, which are called rice protein, but contain almost only carbohydrates. In this case, it is better to completely abandon the intake, because the effect of the proteins can only be marginal.

When choosing the right product, it is also important to ensure that rice proteins are not confused with rice bran. Those who consume rice bran will not see the positive effects described. This is because rice bran contains hardly any proteins.

The temperatures at which the rice proteins are obtained are also important. As just described, rice proteins contain many important nutrients. If the proteins are extracted at too high a temperature, there is a risk that some vitamins or minerals will be lost during extraction. Therefore, this is also an important component that should not be lost sight of. Only the one who takes a high-quality rice protein product, only he will be able to benefit from all the positive effects.

When taking it depends on the personal sensitivities. Many people describe the taste as pleasant and therefore take the rice protein pure. However, there is also the possibility to mix the protein with food. It is important, especially when cooking, that the protein is added only after cooking. Otherwise, the magic temperature limit is exceeded, which can destroy vitamins.