Apricot kernel oil

Apricot kernel oil is often simply called apricot oil. In substance, however, this makes no difference, but only represents a small terminology that should be known. So there is no need to search for the differences between apricot kernel oil and apricot oil, because there are no differences. What is often not known is the fact that this oil is not extracted from the fruit at all, although the name would suggest that at first glance. Rather, the oil is extracted from the stone. It is a very valuable oil that has many uses. It can be used both from edible oil and for cosmetic purposes.

Since the oil is obtained by cold pressing, it is important that it is not heated during cooking. Otherwise, the advantages of cold pressing are quickly nullified. However, since there is a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids in the oil, there is a risk that the oil will quickly become rancid. Since this is not the goal, there are ways to counteract this process. The only option available for this is refining. In detail, there are two different variants that can be used here: The physical method and the chemical method. In the past, the chemical method was very popular because it is less costly. This was always associated with a cost advantage for customers. Today, however, the physical version is being used more and more. This is because people have become more and more health-conscious. While it is a costly process, it is worth it when you take a closer look at the disadvantages of the chemical version. After all, the starting point is a natural substance, which should remain so.


Now that a first impression of the oil has been gained, the composition should be looked at more closely. More than 60 percent of the oil is namely oleic acid. This is an unsaturated fat. In detail, it is even an essential fatty acid. Essential fatty acids are those that the body needs but cannot produce itself. For this reason, care must be taken to ensure that these fatty acids are absorbed through food. This is exactly the case with oleic acid, which can be absorbed through apricot kernel oil.

Besides the main ingredient, namely oleic acid, it also contains linoleic acid. This acid is also called anti-aging acid. It can help to maintain a young skin appearance even in old age.

With about 5% palminic acid is included. This acid is necessary for human metabolism.

These components show that apricot kernel oil is a very high quality oil, which can provide the human body with many valuable substances. In order to determine this quality by numbers, one can take a look at the iodine value. The higher the iodine value, the more essential fatty acids are contained in the oil. Since, as described above, the body cannot produce these fatty acids itself, the intake is of fundamental importance. The iodine value of apricot oil is over 100, which is an enormous value.

Positive effects of the oil

After analyzing the components, it should already have become clear that the oil has many positive effects on the body. Some of these positive effects will now be considered in more detail here.

The oil contains many important vitamins. Of particular importance is the vitamin B17. This is said to have a preventive effect in relation to cancer.

In addition, the oil is extremely gentle to the skin. This is primarily due to the linoleic acid it contains. This namely ensures that skin cells that are already damaged can be repaired. What is interesting here is that it is a natural remedy that benefits the skin. It is important that in case of damaged skin, it is applied externally. Especially in damaged skin, the effect of the acid can develop well. If the aim is to achieve a preventive effect, external application is out of the question. If the skin is not damaged, the acid cannot develop its effect. However, this does not mean that linoleic acid cannot be used at all in this case. Especially in the case of healthy skin, a preventive effect can be achieved. But then it is necessary to take the oil, and the effect will be internal. Already within a short time an external effect will be possible. The skin tightens less and becomes significantly more moisturized. In this respect, an application is also obvious for healthy skin.

Especially for damaged skin, regular use is good because it allows new cells to form. The oil is absorbed quickly and penetrates deeply. A special effect is achieved when the oil is massaged in.

Cosmetic effects

Especially good are the results of apricot kernel oil in cosmetics. This is also the reason why the oil is included in all sorts of products. If you take any cosmetic product from their shelf and look at the composition, you will quickly notice that this oil is included. However, often it is only very small concentrations, which can not produce the necessary effects. If visible results are to be achieved, then the oil should be used as pure as possible. When buying, make sure that it is refined oil. Otherwise, a long shelf life cannot be guaranteed. Ideally, it should be physically, and not chemically refined oil.

In addition to skin care, the oil can also be used in hair care. Especially when your own hair is very dry, the oil is suitable to provide the hair with moisture. In addition, the oil ensures that the often irritated scalp is also cared for. If an increased hair growth should be desired, the oil is also suitable.

However, in any application it is necessary to pay attention to a good quality of the oil, because only then the positive effect can actually be achieved.

In addition to these cosmetic effects, which should certainly not be underestimated, the oil also has an important role in nutrition. In these cases, however, should resort to the unrefined oil. This is because in the diet is also important taste. Should the oil be refined, it loses flavor. In addition, due to the treatment at high heat, many important substances are lost, which should actually be taken with the oil. Vitamin E, which is supposed to be supplied to the body through this oil, is particularly affected by this treatment. The only disadvantage of this oil is that it does not have a long shelf life. For this reason, the oil is often offered only in small bottles. These should then also be purchased so that they can actually be used up within the shelf life.

The apricot kernel oil can be used in the kitchen for almost all dishes. It is ideal for the salad, because the oil is not heated here. In fact, with any heating there is a risk that valuable additives are lost. Therefore, in these cases, the oil should be added only after the heating process.

However, if you want to cook with the apricot kernel oil, you have to choose the refined variant. Then the oil is also heat-resistant, which means that heating no longer poses a danger to the ingredients. Associated with this is then also the advantage that the shelf life can be significantly extended. However, one is confronted here with the disadvantage that refining is often carried out chemically. Such oils should be avoided and the rarer but better physically refined oils should be sought.

Ultimately, the analysis of apricot kernel oil shows that it is a significant oil with many areas of application. In the field of cosmetics, positive results can be achieved. In addition, the oil also contains many important substances that can be ingested through food. As a result, when choosing the right oil, always pay close attention to the intended use. Only if the method of production fits the intended use, the achieved effect can occur. In this regard, a high-quality composition is always preferable.