Erythritol - High quality sugar substitute

Anyone who deals with the topic of losing weight, sports and healthy eating will always find that sugar is a problem. This is not just about the sugar that is added to coffee or tea. This is merely a use of sugar that is immediately visible. More crucial is the hidden sugar that is ingested almost constantly with all kinds of foods. A good example is ketchup, which is almost pumped full of sugar. First of all, it is important to be aware of the foods in which sugars are hidden. Only those who know where sugar is located can avoid it. Ultimately, however, an alternative to classic sugar is even more crucial. Today, it is almost impossible to get by without sugar altogether. But the good thing is that there is a supplement that exists as a substitute to sugar. This is erythritol.

Replace sugar with erythritol

Erythritol can replace the sugar that is often consumed unconsciously every day. The substance is suitable for both partial and complete replacement of sugars. Erythritol is not a purely artificial substance that does not occur naturally. Rather, it is a substance that is also found in nature, for example in honey or in grapes. Of course, it follows in reverse that erythritol is approved in Germany and also in all of Europe. It is a natural substance that people consume through food anyway. The only problem is that erythritol is only contained in a very small quantity in the foods mentioned. Besides erythritol, there are of course other substances that are offered as substitutes for sugar. The special thing about erythritol, however, is that it is the only substance that is obtained from natural sugar in a fermentation process. This makes erythritol so unique and popular.

The great advantages of erythritol

Erythritol is recommended as a sugar substitute especially when weight loss is desired. The question then arises as to how erythritol is supposed to achieve this, if it replaces sugar. Thus sugar is not renounced at all and nevertheless a positive effect is to occur. The background is easy to understand. Erythritol cannot be utilized by the body. Thus a calorie value of 0 can be set for Erythrit. Thus the substitute substance does not have to be adjusted in carbohydrate balances. That is the reason why the substance is recommended again and again with a low carbohydrate nutrition. In addition, there is another important aspect that should not be neglected. There are more and more people in the population who suffer from lactose or fructose intolerance. For these people, too, a sugar substitute must be available that does not contain fructose or lactose, so that no complaints occur. This is exactly what erythritol ensures, so that it is a versatile sugar substitute.

Erythritol dosage

Although erythritol has a calorie value of 0, the question of dosage arises. Especially people who have not used the sugar substitute yet, ask themselves how much erythritol should be used. To answer this question it is necessary to know that the sugar substitute is up to 70% of the sweetening power of ordinary sugar. So, as a rule, you should use a little more than you would take ordinary sugar. However, it should also be taken into account that everyone perceives sweetness differently. Therefore, it is not possible to say in general how much erythritol should be used. Ideally, one should first use the amount that one would use with ordinary sugar. Then you can taste. If the sweetness is still not sufficient, it can be sweetened. This prevents the drink from becoming too sweet, for example. With a little practice, however, the dosage is easy to make. It is important that a certain maximum is not exceeded in terms of quantity. This can lead to side effects such as flatulence. However, the amount cannot be given as a general rule, as it depends on the individual body. Ideally, you start with a smaller amount and then increase if no side effects occur.

Erythritol as an ideal sugar substitute

The positive thing about erythritol is that the substance is natural. Since it is also absorbed via honey or grapes, the body knows it and does not classify it as a foreign substance. Since it is obtained from natural substances, it is not genetically modified, which is also an important aspect. A positive side effect is furthermore that the substance - because natural - is tooth-friendly, so that also in this respect an advantage over traditional sugar can be found. Since the calorie value is 0, the blood sugar level is not affected, which is also an important factor.

Comparison with other sugar substitutes

Besides erythritol, there are many other sugar substitutes. The special thing about erythritol, however, is its good tolerance. Since it is a natural substance, hardly any complaints are to be expected. In addition, the substance is also suitable for people with lactose and fructose intolerance. Side effects are also much less pronounced than with other substitutes. This is due to the fact that 90% is absorbed by the small intestine and then excreted through the kidneys. In terms of price, erythritol is slightly more expensive than other substitutes. However, if one considers the many advantages, this disadvantage should not be of any weight.

Possible uses

It is a substitute for sugar that can be used just like sugar. For example, it is possible to use erythritol instead of sugar in baking and also in cooking. If the dosage is chosen correctly, a fabulous taste can be achieved. If you do not know that no sugar was used, you will not notice that sugar was replaced.