Paleo or rather vegan?

From now on you don't have to choose between vegan diet and paelo diet! The new diet trend nowadays is called "pegan". The basic idea of the "pegan" diet is to combine the pure plant foods with the diet from the Stone Age.

The new "pegan diet" goes back to the founder Dr. Mark Hyman, who tells in his American blog why everyone should try to live "pegan".

Vegan diet

Vegans usually do not eat animal foods such as fish, meat, eggs or even dairy products. All that the vegan diet gives are vegetables and fruits, nuts, cereals and oils that are plant-based.

While many people eat a vegan diet for ethical reasons, other people choose veganism for health reasons. Since the vegan eating style contains very little unhealthy saturated fat, it can protect against many civil diseases. In addition, vegan foods do not contain cholesterol.

Stone Age Diet

The Paleo diet, also called the Stone Age diet, is different. This diet is mainly about eating the way our Stone Age ancestors did. Therefore, foods with refined sugar, convenience foods or foods made from milk are taboo. Meat, on the other hand, can be consumed in desired people.

In the Stone Age diet you eat mostly fish, meat, vegetables, nuts and occasionally fruit.

"Pegan diet" according to Dr. Hyman from the USA

Dr. Hyman has now combined a hybrid of the two diets presented above. In principle, the "pegan" diet is about eating unprocessed and fresh foods that are produced sustainably.

Thus, the "pegan diet" refers mainly to the renunciation of carbohydrates, which cause the blood sugar to rise quickly. Predominantly the "Peganer" is to take fruit, vegetables and healthy fats to itself. Chemical products that have been genetically modified with pesticides, hormones and antibiotics are not allowed on the menu.

Thus, Dr. Hyman has combined the advantages of both diets, as this diet is easier to go through than the respective ones described above. For example, it is not necessary to give up rice or potatoes as in the Paelo diet and the person can "indulge" more.

Basically, the diet is suitable for anyone who is healthy and does not have to follow a specific diet plan.