Vegan basic rules

There are some rules to follow for the vegan diet. People who have chosen this form of nutrition for ethical reasons should definitely make sure that they really do something good for their health. Only in this way is it possible for them to motivate other people to follow this healthy diet. There are many deterrent examples against veganism. Many humans have these prejudices, since they know only very little about the topic. Besides, the vegan way of life can be integrated very well into the everyday life. For it it is also not at all necessary to nourish itself completely vegan. It is quite possible to furnish only one or several vegan days in the week. Thus, the daily food intake is very varied and even fun.

A vegetarian diet actually has no significant health benefits. Ethical reasons also take a back seat here. Vegetarians simply live healthier lives in general and pay more attention to their lifestyle.

After evaluation of respectable literature seven golden basic rules stand for a healthy vegan nourishing way:

1. rule

The most important thing for a vegan diet, is to make the choice of food as varied as possible.

2nd rule

It is advisable to take certain dietary supplements, because the body is not supplied with some vitamins through the food by vegan diet. This is for example vitamin B 12 or vitamin D, which can be lacking especially in winter. For this the vegan vitamins D2 or D3 are available. Iodine can also be supplied via algae or iodized salt, but should be used sparingly.

Rule 3

Have drinks with vitamin C content at meals. This also optimizes the absorption of iron in the body.

4th rule

Please avoid processed flour and refined sugar at all costs. These substances are highly harmful to the body.

Rule 5

Be sure to avoid additional oils and fats or consume them only in small amounts. People with heart disease should completely avoid fats and oils. However, this is different for vegan-fed infants. It is possible for the body to obtain and process the vital omega-3 fatty acids via freshly ground flaxseed.

6. rule

Consumption of industrially processed foods should be extremely rare, because they harm the human organism.

7. rule

Essential to a healthy vegan diet is the consumption of fresh fruits, legumes, whole grain products and fresh vegetables.

Based on these rules, it becomes clear that the vegan diet can certainly be varied. Because there are countless possibilities to combine vegan foods with each other. Of course, attention should be paid to a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals. Only then is the vegan diet also really healthy.