Paleo Stone Age Diet

The concept of the Paleo Stone Age diet

Basically, the basic idea of the Paleo Stone Age diet is quite simple. Since about 10,000 years ago there were of course other foods than today, the Paleo Stone Age diet specializes in the former diet, which consisted of these foods.

Especially in this day and age, food is often artificially produced, which is why the Paleo Stone Age diet relies on natural Stone Age products. The foods that can be eaten on the Paleo Stone Age diet include meat (preferably from grass-fed animals), wild-caught fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, good fats such as oils, nuts and occasionally fruit.

Who can try a Paleo Stone Age diet?

The Stone Age diet is actually suitable for all people who are perfectly healthy. People with serious diseases, or who need to follow a special diet plan should not try a Paleo Stone Age diet without a doctor's advice.

Especially overweight people benefit from this type of diet. Since they hardly eat carbohydrates, these feel relatively fast success in weight loss. But also athletes can eat exclusively from the Paleo Stone Age diet.

A little caution is needed with young children, because they need the energy of carbohydrates. However, in a weakened form, it can still be used.

Stone Age diet also possible for beginners?

For beginners of a stone age diet the change is very large, since one must do without many food, nevertheless the new nourishing way for the person can be overwhelming. It is recommended to follow through with the consistent change right from the start. Those who are still struggling a bit and need help can participate in the Paleo360° Challenge. This support offers not only monthly great recipes, but also thanks with a starter package that contains accurate information about the Stone Age diet, as well as coupons and valuable tips on the diet conversion.

Thus, the Paleo diet can turn the attitude to life around 180 degrees. Because you not only get a better body feeling, but perceive accompanying effects such as better sleep and weight loss. The Paleo diet should also be supported with short fitness sessions.

Can I eat hamburgers on the Stone Age diet?

Although the dietary program of the Stone Age diet seems very strict at first glance, you do not have to give up everything that is delicious. In fact, you can convert almost any dish into a Paleo dish. For example, pasta can be replaced with zucchini spaghetti or banana bread can be replaced with conventional bread. Likewise, you can also get very good ideas for delicious snacks for work or for breakfast.

There are also criticisms of the Stone Age diet....

Actually, the criticism of the Stone Age diet consists only in the fact that nowadays we cannot know exactly what people ate in prehistoric times. This results from incomplete scientific knowledge.

Of course, this is a valid point of criticism, but natural diets are also more about eating naturally produced foods.

Also, nowadays there are many indigenous peoples, such as the Inuit, who eat exactly only from natural products. Of course, the food obtained there naturally can not be compared with the Western food, but at least it is a beginning of a good change of lifestyle.

Many critics also think that during the Paleo Stone Age diet you take few nutrients, such as magnesium. Nevertheless, the fear is unfounded, because just in a lot of greens very many nutrients. If someone eats generally very little, you can compensate for the missing vital substances with tablets from the drugstore.

Just try it yourself

As it is known "Learning by doing" - So it is also true for the change of diet. Simply try it out for yourself and experience the positive effect on your own body and don't let the critics get to you. Whether one remains with it, or other nourishing ways goes, is left naturally to everyone.