With 3 steps to a healthy liver style

Did you know that the unloved excess weight and hyperacidity of the body are directly linked? No diet will be successful in the long run if the organism suffers from an unfavorable acid-base ratio. This realization can help everyone not only to reach their desired weight, but to maintain it permanently. A good acid-base ratio provides improved well-being and health as a good support to the weight loss program.

What is the relationship between acids and adipose tissueFatty tissue is available to the organism not only as an energy reserve. In addition, toxins and especially acids are also stored here. Here, therefore, an endless cycle is set in motion, which can be interrupted with the excretion of the toxins in the body. Only after that, the layers of fat dissolve more easily and the unloved pads disappear. In 3 steps it is possible to eliminate the toxic substances from the body and work towards the desired weight. At the same time, the acid-base balance is neutralized again, so that the yo-yo effect can be prevented. G-Care serves to support this regulation.

1. purification is the first and most important step
2. during regeneration the organism switches to normal mode
3. G-Lifestyle healthy lifestyle prevents the re-acidification.

We explain in our program how G-Lifestyle works and how anyone can do it with ease from home.

The first step is easily done

The prerequisite for a before and after comparison is the free G-Care acid-base test. For this, only the G-Care pH test strips are necessary to measure the urine at least 4 - 5 times. From these values, the general average can be easily seen. Many people will be surprised when they see their acidity level and are not aware of it for a long time. Click here for the G-Care pH test strips. The program to a balanced acid-base balance can be found here.

For whom is the G-Care program suitable?

Even people with the ideal weight should opt for the G-Care program. Superficially, the program is about an optimal acid-base balance. An excessive acid level does not always have to lead to obesity. Rather, elevated acid levels are also the cause of so-called civilization diseases. These include primarily joint diseases, arthritis, rheumatism and subsequently blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are also involved. The longer a too high acid level is present in the body, the faster slags develop in the body.