Train your sense of taste!


If you want to lose weight, you should give high-calorie foods a wide berth. Of course, these often taste particularly good. But if you train and re-educate your sense of taste, the figure-friendly alternatives will soon taste just as good.

Cream sauces are very bad for the figure. You may carry this short pleasure around on your hips for years! Therefore, avoid heavy cream or butter sauces. Tasty sauces can also be prepared almost fat-free. Sauté onions, carrots and seasoned vegetables and then puree everything - this tasty sauce has very few calories.

Forego roasting more and more often and rather turn on the oven. Vegetables finely sliced and grilled with a little olive oil in the oven is not only very healthy and tasty, but also good for the figure. You may eat your schnitzel despite your diet - but do without the breading. Instead of fried chicken with fries, eat chicken breast with rice.

Do you like sweet things for breakfast? Give up your croissant anyway and reach for raisin rolls. You should also avoid chocolate spreads - you'll save half the calories if you eat jam instead.

So you see that you do not have to give up everything. However, it is important that you reach for the right foods!