Diets and weight loss cures

Diet - The most popular diets at a glance

Whether in private life or in business, an attractive, well-groomed appearance is almost indispensable today - and it is nevertheless part of the job to literally cut a "good figure". The number of diets and weight loss programs that have become popular is correspondingly large. However, only a few of them actually deliver what they promise.

Whether it's the low carb diet, the Atkins diet, the Brigitte diet, or other promising options, each has its advantages, but sometimes its disadvantages.

Discipline and weight loss - sometimes stress for the body

The so-called anabolic diet, for example, is characterized primarily by its rapid weight loss results. Nevertheless, the "plus point" is the varied diet, which ensures an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals. In contrast to this, this diet variant is primarily suitable for those people who have the necessary stamina and plenty of discipline to keep it all up at all. If one considers that per day no more than thirty grams of coal hydrates as well as predominantly lean meat, curd, fish, low-fat cheese products and egg are consumed, it should not lack nevertheless a founded background knowledge to the topic nutrition, Diät and CO. The exact protein and energy intake in general also plays an essential role here, because only in this way can sustainable success be achieved. Another aspect that does not speak 100 percent for the also as a bodybuilder diet is that the metabolism is thereby strongly taken up.

The renunciation of carbohydrates

The Formula Diet is also characterized by its high efficiency. Those who are willing to replace their daily diet with a protein shake do not have to starve themselves, as is the case with so many other diets, nor do they have to struggle with cravings. Nevertheless, muscle loss is prevented, so that it is ultimately possible to keep up this diet even in the long term. Many dieters find this diet monotonous, but this is literally a matter of taste.

Anyone who largely avoids the intake of carbohydrates from the outset can reduce weight in the long term with the Atkins diet. This option saves you from having to count calories, and hunger attacks and bad moods are virtually non-existent. However, there is sometimes fatigue and hypoglycemia due to the partly inadequate supply of minerals, fiber and so on.

The low carb diet

Even with the low carb diet, hypoglycemia and the associated fatigue occur from time to time. However, it is still possible to eat your fill and the feeling of fullness sets in relatively quickly. However, it can be quite tasty and versatile. Meat, fish, dairy products and so on are primarily part of the menu. Unlike, for example, rice, potatoes, bread or pasta.

Basically, it depends on the circumstances of life, but also on the inner attitude of a person, which diet comes into question - and which not. The fact is, however, that a certain amount of discipline is essential in any case.