Lose weight with acai berries?

The acai berry is currently a popular topic. This small round fruit appears dark blue and is on everyone's lips as juice, pure fruit, in capsule form, as a shake, powder or tablet. Spectacular is the enthusiasm around the small berry especially in America, the stars in Hollywood swear by it. Acai berries are said to work as an anti-aging agent as well as for weight loss. They are traded as a miracle cure for wellness, health and cosmetics. The small acai berry actually contains a large amount of antioxidants, iron, calcium, vitamins A, B and Ca, phenolic acid and a high omega3 and omega6 fatty acid content.

This is the acai berry
The berries come from the cabbage palm, which grows in the Amazon rainforests. They are round, have a diameter of one to two centimeters and have been used for centuries in Brazil for the preparation of dishes. Among medicine men, the acai berry is popular and used to promote health. In Germany, the fruit was hardly known until recently, when the news broke that it is a real power miracle. In fact, the fruit is very rich in vitamins and contains a high amount of secondary plant compounds, anthocyanins. These natural pigments of plants can exert their effect as antioxidants and bind the free radicals in the human body. These are responsible for the natural process of skin aging. Thus, the antioxidants play an important role in anti-aging, but they can not make existing wrinkles disappear, but only have a preventive effect. They can promote cell renewal, rid the body of waste products and promote blood circulation. This dilates the blood vessels and reduces the risk of thrombosis.

A miracle cure for weight loss?
The acai berry is said to have a miracle effect in terms of losing weight. Many different recipes are already in circulation and revolve around the diet with the blue fruit. Medical findings are not yet available, but all sorts of "self-experiments" with success. Thus it is to be sufficient to take once daily Acai berries as juice or pill to itself and to let thereby the kilos fall. Important is thereby a balanced and healthy nutrition and once per week sport drive. As mentioned above, the ingredients of the berries stimulate the metabolism and thus melt the fat. Due to the fiber contained in them, the feeling of hunger can be dampened, the circulation is stimulated, thus increasing the body's basal metabolic rate of calories. There is no catch, since the acai berry regulates blood sugar, the body remains at a constant energy level. Feelings of fatigue or tiredness do not occur. A real miracle cure they are not, but useful in a healthy diet plan. The small blue fruits are also popular with athletes.

The berry is also popular as a dietary supplement, it is offered in the form of capsules, tablets or powder. Although the best recommendation is to consume the berries fresh and pure, so the ingredients can be used for the body. However, the acai berry is edible only 36 hours from harvest, for this reason extracts are offered in Germany. It is important to check the concentration of the ingredients so that the antioxidants and vitamins are included.