Stick to set meal times!

Another key to a slim figure is fixed meal times. This allows you to "reprogram" yourself, so to speak, and get into the habit of healthier eating habits. Stick to the meal times you set and eat only then - snacks are taboo from now on! Meals should ideally be spaced about five hours apart. Eating frequently causes a constant production of insulin in the body, which means that fat is stored particularly well. So let your digestive organs rest in between meals. The change may be difficult during the first few days, but your body will quickly get used to it. To be successful, you should drink plenty of fluids - you may also do this between meals.

Another form of behavior that you probably learned during your childhood is something you should get out of the habit of: Stop eating immediately when the feeling of fullness sets in. It really is better for your figure if you don't eat your plate empty, but leave something on it once in a while. If you find this difficult, you should get into the habit of taking only a small portion at first. If you are still really hungry afterwards - and only then - you can always get seconds.

However, a multi-course meal and a slim figure do not have to be opposites. A low-calorie appetizer can even be good for your figure. If you eat a salad with a light dressing or a low-fat soup beforehand, your stomach is already filled and expanding. So the feeling of satiety will set in earlier, so you'll eat less of your main course.

So from now on, you should stick to your own specifications!