Nude sleeping - the natural wellness program for body and soul


The healthy and relationship-bonding properties of being naked are virtually inherent in humans. Although it can now be proven that sleeping naked is beneficial for the human species, only 13% profess to be "nude sleepers".

It was probably social conventions or also the protection from the cold, which was considered necessary, which increasingly led people to go to sleep dressed. Because, until well 1500 AD, it was not unusual to go to bed unclothed. In our latitudes, it was not until the 16th century that it became fashionable to wear a shirt at night.

Many good reasons to sleep naked

Without pajamas, nightgowns, etc., people demonstrably enjoy a much more restful sleep, which allows the body to produce fewer stress hormones at night. Many stress hormones would promote cravings the next day and thus counteract a healthy and balanced diet. Besides promoting slimming, naked sleep allows the skin to breathe deeply and recover from environmental stress. In addition, "man" can produce more sperm due to cooler testicles.

Better sleep

A sleeping place that is too warm, blankets that are too thick, or sleepwear that is too thick can delay or prevent the natural drop in core body temperature during sleep. The consequences are more frequent nighttime awakenings and difficulty falling asleep in the evening. To recover better, core body temperature must be allowed to drop one to one and a half degrees as usual, which the absence of sleepwear can accelerate, promoting more restful sleep. Scottish sleep researcher Chris Idzikowski has even found that disturbed body thermoregulation keeps the brain increasingly busy. Namely, with looking for the error.

Increased body awareness

Since many people no longer know being naked in our time, they have forgotten or forgotten to feel with the skin. When sleeping naked, the body can perceive and feel many stimuli. Whether this is the fabric of the bedspread, a fine breath of air or the radiated warmth of the partner. The soul also learns to feel free again. This makes it happy.

Strengthened relationship

Skin contact between people promotes the production of the so-called cuddle hormone. This hormone (oxytocin) promotes bonding. So warm cuddling in winter not only makes you happy, but also makes couples argue less.

More sex

Since oxytocin not only promotes bonding behavior but also sexual desire, it can be quite sexy to know your naked partner is next to you. In addition, according to couples and sex therapist Rita Schneider, sleeping with an unclothed partner increases physical and emotional closeness. There are fewer "material" obstacles to overcome in order to exchange body heat and spread happy hormones.

Skin contact essential for survival

Mother Nature has always known how to care for her children. Immediately after birth, they are placed on mama's belly to cuddle and suckle. Skin contact is an important basis for first relationship bonds.

So if you spend a lot of money on daily wellness programs to promote health and well-being, you should try nude sleep. Guaranteed on a natural basis and does not cost a cent.