Listen to your body!

In modern civilization, we have forgotten over time to listen to our body, although it shows us its needs exactly. Therefore, listen to your body before you want to eat something. Eat only when you are really hungry. Many people eat only out of habit and our hectic daily routine practically dictates when we have to eat. However, if you eat only out of habit, frustration or even boredom, you can quickly become overweight.

So before you eat anything, you should ask yourself each time, "Am I really hungry?" Only if you can honestly answer "yes" to this question should you eat something. If you are not really hungry, you should forego the snack - you have already done something good for your figure!

Be patient! Many people have lost their natural sense of hunger and satiety over time and can therefore eat at virtually any time of the day or night. In this case, you must first retrain your sense of hunger and satiety. The key here is a change in diet with fixed meal times. Stick to taking breaks between meals. As a guideline, allow about five hours between each meal. There's also nothing wrong with feeling hungry from time to time and not responding immediately. Drink enough, because that way your body can function even with a smaller amount of food.