Salt heart attack rate drastically reduced

Many health experts consider too much salt to be unhealthy. Even the World Health Organization emphasizes the benefits of a low-salt diet. But a recent study casts doubt on salt's bad reputation, claiming that people who consume too little salt have a higher risk of developing heart attacks or vascular disease. This is the exact opposite of what was previously thought.

This study, called "Jama", was conducted on 3,600 people under the direction of Katarzyna Stolarz-Skrzypek over a period of eight years. After this time, only ten deaths were counted in the group with the highest salt consumption, while fifty had died in people with the lowest salt consumption. In the middle group with an average salt consumption, 24 deaths were present. During the study, it was also found that the more salt the subject consumed, the lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. It was also investigated whether salt consumption had an influence on getting high blood pressure. However, the rate of new cases was the same in each group, regardless of salt consumption.Tasty, well-seasoned food is now no longer considered unhealthy. Those who already have a heart condition or high blood pressure should indeed watch their salt intake. However, salt consumption should not be reduced across the board. A little salt in the daily diet can definitely benefit health and protects against taking unnecessary medication!