What are superfoods

Superfoods - Pure energy and joie de vivre from nature

Getting work and family under one roof requires good organization. But unfortunately, you yourself usually get the short end of the stick. The result is stress, imbalance and susceptibility to illness. In order to reconcile work and family life, you need to be well organized. The term Superfoods covers a group of foods that have a positive effect on the general well-being due to their ingredients. Likewise, superfoods are said to have a healing effect and the strengthening of the immune system is described as particularly positive. They contain essential fats, vitamins, proteins, enzymes and minerals, which are optimally adapted to human needs based on their composition. Therefore, superfoods such as maca, goji berries, flower pollen, coconut, cacao, chia seeds, acai berries, chili, griffonia seeds and moringa should not be missing in your household.

Help your health naturally on the jump

Our range of superfoods offers you a rich selection of products that you can integrate into your diet at will. In doing so, you will not only experience the healing and strengthening effects, but also discover new flavors along the way:

Goji berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 500 years. The Chinese say that Goji berries have a life-prolonging, energetic and power-giving effect. With up to 21 trace elements, 18 diverse amino acids, 8 essential fatty acids and many other nutrients, goji berries are an enrichment of natural and healthy food intake. Dried goji berries are especially delicious in muesli, goat kefir or millet porridge. Smoothies and salads also get a special touch with the addition of goji berries. Of course, Goji berries are ideal as a snack for in between meals.

Chia seeds have been used as a healing seed and staple food by the Aztecs and Mayans many thousands of years ago. Among plant-based foods, they contain three times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries, the largest amount of omega3 essential fatty acids, and twice the amount compared to other seeds. They also have higher than average levels of potassium, iron and calcium. Due to the relatively high percentage of dietary fiber, Chia seeds have exceptional swelling properties. Chia seeds change their consistency to a porridge-like mass when some water is added to them. They multiply their weight up to ten times. Chia seeds are an optimal energy supplier in muesli, goat kefir, smoothie or millet porridge. Chia jam and chia pudding are also tasty creations.

Coconut products strengthen the immune system and even normalize body fat levels and digestion. Rich in all B vitamins, vitamin E and many minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, potassium and zinc, coconut products work from the inside as well as the outside. Natural coconut oil is excellent for cooking, as a massage oil and for skin and body care.

Browse our range of superfoods and convince yourself of the tasty and positive effect on your general well-being.