On a green branch: green coffee for weight loss

Shedding pounds with green coffee? Medical experts have different opinions when it comes to the rumor that the pleasure drink can play a weighty or rather weight-reducing role in losing weight. It has been proven that green coffee has a supportive effect in the course of a diet, in which weight reduction is achieved through physical activity and a healthy diet.

Straight to the black: the difference from conventional coffee

Green coffee consists of the same beans of the coffee plant as the popular black. However, those of the green are not subjected to any roasting or fermentation process. As a result, the so-called pyrolysis, i.e. the process of decomposition, does not take place in the beans and therefore green coffee does not taste bitter, but rather sour. The caffeine content of green and black coffee does not differ.

In the green zone: the supporting effect for weight loss

US researchers from Santa Margarita and San Antonio found for the first time that green coffee has properties that promote body weight reduction. The team studied patients who were on a 1200 Kcal diet. Part of them was given extracts of green coffee, while the other half received a placebo.

The result of the study suggests a "slimming" effect of green coffee: on average, those patients who were treated with the extract of green coffee lost three kilograms more than the subjects of the placebo group.
But what are the mysterious properties of green coffee that support weight loss? Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid - an important metabolic element of plants and at the same time a powerful antioxidant. Asian researchers found that the reaction of chlorogenic acid with caffeine first reduces the assimilation of sugar in the body. This is also accompanied by a reduction in adipose tissue.

Chlorogenic acid in addition has a strong antibacterial effect and together with caffeine cleanses the body of toxins.

In addition, studies have demonstrated other health-promoting properties of green coffee: For example, it can reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes. In addition, the extracts can counteract the development of gallstones in men and reduce the unwelcome cellulite in women.

Green Coffee bean increases metabolism
Green Coffee bean increases metabolism

Green coffee is not a miracle drug that would replace balanced diet and active lifestyle on the way to a slimmer figure. Such unrealistic description of green coffee is often criticized and causes controversy. At the same time, it is important to see the extracts as a supplement that, along with a healthy lifestyle, supports the loss of excess pounds.


In terms of taste, green coffee does not come close to the popular black coffee - but in terms of its health-promoting properties, it clearly beats its dark relative, and can even rival the much-vaunted powers of green tea!