Get rid of pimples quickly

Pimples represent a problem that occurs especially during puberty, but often remain a burden even after that. Skin blemishes can actually appear on all parts of the body: on the face, on the back, in the ears, on the buttocks, even in the intimate area. How can you get rid of pimples quickly? Here are some tips on what home remedies and other methods help against the pimples.

Pimples - should you squeeze them?

It is better not to squeeze pimples, because bacteria can easily penetrate, which can cause inflammation with possible scars. Since the urge to do something about the pimples is nevertheless often present, hygiene should be at the top of the list.

Before squeezing pimples, the face is first completely cleaned, preferably with warm water. This opens the pores. A steam bath with hot water or chamomile tea also works very well. Important: The hands should always be clean during the procedure!

Now disinfect a needle with alcohol and "score" the pimple. a comedone squeezer or a special blackhead remover (pharmacy) are also useful. Now take a hot compress and press laterally underneath the pimple until pus or blood comes out. Now dab on an antibacterial facial tonic.

How do pimples and blackheads develop?

Pimples appear when a pore becomes clogged. The sebaceous glands provide protection against dehydration. However, if a sebaceous gland is clogged, sebum and other substances accumulate and pimples form. Due to hormonal factors, this overproduction of sebum occurs more frequently during puberty.

When a pore is closed, a so-called blackhead is formed, a closed whitehead. Now, when there is an increased accumulation of sebum, the spot breaks open and a mixture of sebum and hair appears on the surface. An open blackhead develops, the color of which is explained by the discoloration when exposed to air.

Puberty is, as mentioned, a "wedding" of pimples, due to the increased sebum production of the skin. One should not give in to the urge to squeeze out firm blackheads - inflammations and even abscesses threaten.

Pimples occur when a whitehead just won't open. Bacteria form under the skin and attack the tissue. A kind of battle takes place in the body: Pus is secreted, a pimple can develop.

When pimples appear in the intimate area or on the buttocks

Pimples appear not only on the face or back, but also in the intimate area or on the buttocks. Pimples in the intimate area are often the result of shaving. A mild, skin-friendly shaving foam should be used for shaving. Important: The hairs should always be removed in the direction of growth, not with pressure against them. After shaving, a nourishing lotion should be applied. This helps to prevent pimples in this sensitive region.

Also frequently observed are pimples that appear on the buttocks. Often even pimples form here under the skin surface, true abscesses. This occurrence of pimples is aggravated by the fact that they are still rubbed up by sitting, inflammations threaten. You can also treat pimples on the buttocks as described above, or you should, since they represent a strong impairment. If your treatment is not successful, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.