Diet fatal: shortcomings in the system, plus on the ribs


The self-critical look in the mirror cries out for change. The battle is declared against the pounds, which wants to be won quickly. Already the enthusiasts end up with the wrong strategy and start a radical diet. Still briefly before the body with luxuriant Schlemmereien was considered. Now a famine seems to have broken out, because the daily food rations are extremely meager.

Crisis prevention instead of weight reduction

Thus, the misunderstanding between mind and body is perfect. With constant weight controls, the first results are eagerly awaited. However, these fail to materialize because crisis mode has been activated inside. After all, it is not clear how long the reduced supply will last. So the system relies on a reduced basal metabolic rate, which means that fewer calories are consumed than is actually necessary. This reaction mainly tugs at the supply of vital nutrients, not so much at the pounds.

The bottom line: If the diet is approached incorrectly, this goes to the healthy metabolism, which can lead to deficiencies in micronutrients. At the same time, the existing life rings and fat pads are not touched. Quite the opposite: If the diet frustration tempts to a culinary sin, the body immediately grabs and archives the calories. Disappointing: Despite the ambitious abstinence, the kilos on the ribs still expand.

Optimize system, then reduce kilos!

If a few diets in this style have already been tried, the nutrient deficiency and abnormal metabolism can become entrenched. If you want to lose weight successfully and in the long term, you must first correct this deficiency. Only with a healthy metabolism can the weight problem be effectively and permanently addressed. Nutritional supplements and vitamin preparations can help to restore the body's own balance.
While the body is recovering from the consequences of the feigned hunger pangs, a change in lifestyle can already be started. A balanced diet is not only essential for coping with stressful everyday life. It is also a basic prerequisite for a sensible diet with calorie-reduced but still rich meals.

Support with suitable preparations

So that it does not come again to a lack or internal wrong conclusion, special preparations on natural basis as well as supplementing minerals and vitamins can support the project. With a little patience and consistency, the pounds will now also fall off.