Bee products - the unique miracle weapon

Bee products - the unique miracle weapon against diseases

Goethe already described the positive health effects of bee honey and associated it with health, well-being and contentment. In the legends of ancient Greece, it is even believed that the sweet nectar once gave immortality to the gods. Since the time of Hippocrates, bee products have been successfully used in medicine for their health-promoting effects.

The best-known bee product, honey consists of about 80 percent sugar and 20 percent water. It contains about 180 accompanying substances, including special enzymes produced by bees that kill microbes, the natural antibiotic pinocembrin, an anti-inflammatory caffeic acid, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

The health benefits of honey are as varied as its uses. Honey can work wonders for colds and gastrointestinal problems, as it soothes sore throats and reduces elevated temperatures. It promotes regular digestion, ensures healthy intestinal flora and fends off free radicals. In addition, it supports blood formation with iron, manganese and chlorine, promotes the formation of bones and teeth with phosphorus and regulates the mineral metabolism thanks to its mineral salts. Honey also has a beneficial effect on the mood and is therefore called "nerve food". Honey also supports the work and detoxification of internal organs, such as liver and gall bladder.

Another bee product, propolis, also called bee resin, is equally beneficial to health and contains flavonoids, essential oils, vitamins and trace elements. It has antimicrobial and germicidal properties and can defeat over 60 species of bacteria and viruses, including such dangerous ones as Stapholoccus aureus and Salmonella. Propolis can even increase the effectiveness of various antibiotics. In addition, quercinin is found in propolis, which effectively kills herpes viruses. The versatile bee product also has a spasmopolytic effect due to its flavones. They exert a spasmolytic effect on various organs and help, for example, with colic.

Doctors also use propolis in wound dressings because of its regenerative effect to kill bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. It also promotes clean wound healing and even regenerates burns and eczema. In addition, propolis has a local anesthetic effect. In analogous dosage, a 0.25 ml alcoholic solution is about three to four times more effective than Novocain 1 or even cocaine. For this reason, propolis is preferred in dentistry for surface and local anesthesia. Ear drops containing propolis are also administered for ear canal inflammation to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Propolis ointment is also used in irradiation because of its anti-radiological effect: Applied to the area to be irradiated, it protects the skin from damage or negative consequences of radiation treatment.

But even healthy people should treat themselves to an extra portion of honey and propolis from time to time. The high proportion of fructose and glucose provides the body with energy, improves fitness and promotes concentration. In addition, honey and propolis strengthen the immune system and ward off diseases. The power of nature unites in the bee products to a true miracle cure for physical and mental well-being!