Anti Aging - with Coenzyme Q10 against aging

Everyone wants to look as young as possible for as long as possible and, of course, feel fit and vibrant. For this reason, the buzzword anti-aging can be heard constantly. Even a whole industry deals with this topic.

What is meant by anti-aging?

Anti aging is the term used to describe all measures and products that are intended to counteract the effects of age on well-being and appearance. A variety of different products are touted under the name of anti aging: Vitamins and herbs that stop the aging process, as well as dietary supplements and creams that are supposed to make the skin look younger. Hormone therapies and plastic surgery also fall under the heading of anti-aging. However, there are a number of natural substances that can actually slow down the aging process - these include coenzyme Q10 in particular.

The coenzyme Q10 provides a younger appearance

In the course of life, the body's own production of coenzyme Q10 decreases more and more, which results in the increased production of free radicals. This causes the skin cells to age more quickly. An adequate supply of Q10, on the other hand, can slow down the aging process. Q10 is found in certain foods, such as nuts, corn, sardines, soy, onions, sesame oil and young spinach. However, it is very sensitive and is destroyed by heating and exposure to light. Therefore, the additional intake of Q10 as a dietary supplement is recommended.

In addition, coenzyme Q10 has a number of other benefits: It ensures the energy supply of every cell of the human body. It also activates the immune system, strengthens the heart and nerves, and increases fat burning. It counteracts diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure, arteriosclerosis and heart muscle disorders.

A healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep and little alcohol and cigarettes can actually slow down the aging process. In addition, taking Q10 ensures healthy skin and a younger appearance. The difference will not only be visible, but most importantly, noticeable!