Go for food rituals!

Don't think of food as the enemy of your good figure, think of it as your friend. Food is something beautiful that you should really enjoy. Make your meals special and celebrate a little ritual. Don't just eat on the side, but decorate the table with napkins or flowers and arrange your meal beautifully on the plate. Also use the good cutlery and special glasses in everyday life. Eat consciously, because this way you avoid eating more than you actually want.

Never eat in front of the TV. This promotes overweight, because you then concentrate on the TV and eat beyond your normal feeling of fullness. Eating in front of the TV not only makes you fat, but also sluggish. In general, you should always eat in the same place. The couch, bed or your desk should be considered a no-go zone when eating, because distractions are too great in these places. Even small meals should be taken at your usual eating place.Eating should be as important to you as your daily work. So make sure you set aside enough time for it. This demonstrates a healthy sense of self-worth. You have earned it!