Freeletics - the new fitness trend


The latest trend in the fitness world is called "Freeletics. Convinced followers share experiences on the Internet, show photos of their successes and try to constantly improve their performance. Many Hollywood stars are also quite enthusiastic about Freeletics.

What is Freeletics?

This novel training method was developed by three Munich athletes together with some sports scientists. A big advantage of Freeletics is that no expensive equipment is needed: Freeletics can be practiced in your own living room with the help of an app.

The exercises are explained and demonstrated by an electronic coach. The motto of Freeletics is: train extremely much in as little time as possible. So it's just right for busy people who want to do something for their fitness between all their appointments!

The basics of Freeletics

Freeletics consists of three training disciplines: Workouts, Exercises and Runs. Workouts are a combination of different exercises that must be performed in the specified order and number. Workouts are used to train endurance and strength. Exercises are a set number of repetitions of a particular exercise. Speed, strength and stamina are trained. Runs are predetermined distances and range from short sprints to middle distances to marathons. Runs are used to train cardio and circulation. All workouts are completed on time.

The combination of these three types of training is ideal for maximum progress. The goal is to complete each workout as quickly as possible. For this purpose, the fastest time - also called Personal Best - is measured. The basic version of the app is free, by the way. In the paid version, the coach knows the fitness level of the user and adjusts the exercises and number of repetitions accordingly.

Important tips for Freeletics

It is important that beginners take the training slowly and do not overexert themselves. For bones, ligaments and cartilage, it is generally better not to build up too much muscle in too short a time. Tutorials should be watched carefully at first, several times if possible. Also, beginners should take their time and not aim to complete a full workout. The exercises should be completed cleanly and accurately to achieve the best possible results. Because if exercises are performed incorrectly, the risk of injury increases.

The Freeletics app already has more than a million global users and the number of fans is growing daily. Many before-and-after photos on the Internet show: This trend really seems to work. Good results can be achieved in a short time and the body can be changed for the better. In addition, there is also a kind of "peer pressure" with Freeletics: Since other users of the app can see their own progress and also applaud electronically, the incentive is high.