Hard diets are more effective in the long run

Most experts and dieticians recommend losing weight slowly, with realistic goals and a gradual change in lifestyle and eating habits. But recent studies seem to prove the opposite. They show that the success of a diet seems to be greater and more sustainable when losing weight quickly.

An outdated view of losing weightThe German Nutrition Society advises losing only one to two kilograms of weight per month. However, the benefits of this slow approach are completely unproven scientifically and are mostly based on outdated and completely obsolete advice. This was the conclusion reached by an international team of researchers when they analyzed scientific data on commonly used diet rules and found that the benefits of slow weight loss are just a myth. For example, the suggestion to take the stairs instead of the elevator is based on a diet rule that is over 50 years old. Also, for example, the formula that a person loses about 450 grams of weight for every 3500 kilocalories saved is not transferable to longer periods of time and saving a smaller amount of calories.

Therefore, in terms of weight loss, it can almost certainly be said that minimal effort will yield minimal results.

Set high goals for yourself

Therefore, have big dreams and focus on your real desired figure. If you want to lose 50 kilograms, then set that as a goal too! With ambitious goals you can lose weight much better, because the motivation is greater. Since you know that you have to create a lot, you therefore usually deny small sins that slow down the diet success.

Of course, small changes in everyday life, such as climbing stairs, are useful, but you will not reach your desired weight with small steps alone. They only make a difference in conjunction with a change in diet, cutting calories and regular exercise.

Small diet goals often only lead to you not losing any weight at all in the end. For example, someone who sets out to lose only five kilograms in a year will be much more inclined to give in to small sins, such as a piece of cake, than someone who needs to lose three times that amount of weight. The same is the case if you lose very little weight within the first few weeks of dieting. This has a demotivating effect, as you wonder if you will really manage to lose all your extra pounds.

Lose weight fast to success

Losing weight is above all a matter of psychology. Be happy about it, because you can use this fact for yourself! If you already lose weight quickly at the beginning, you will be all the more motivated to persevere and really reach your desired weight. You will experience on your own body that your efforts are actually beneficial and that you can reach your goals. A slow weight loss, on the other hand, tends to promote doubts about yourself and your own efforts.

Quite fast weight loss succeeds even better with the right supplement. There are a number of natural supplements that boost metabolism, fat digestion and calorie burning. These include Green Coffee Beans, Acai, Capsicum or Raspberry Ketone, for example. Take advantage of these aids! They support weight loss and also provide you with important nutrients.

Nothing works without will and discipline

One quality is indispensable when it comes to losing weight: iron discipline. This is also confirmed by a recent study conducted by Utrecht University among 447 overweight people. Participants who set goals above the recommended five to ten kilos of weight loss per year were particularly disciplined and therefore more successful.

Of course, it is important that you pay attention to what you eat. But even more important than your lifestyle is your attitude towards losing weight. You have to really want it! Therefore, believe firmly in yourself - you too can do it. And you will see: With a firm will and iron discipline, you too can move mountains and make your kilos fall off!