Kettlebell - the workout with the ball

Ball swinging is in vogue: Kettlebell training is currently more popular than ever. Enthusiastic followers rave about the results and report a completely new body feeling. But the trend isn't that new at all: decades ago, strength athletes were already training with these balls.

What is kettlebell training?Kettlebells were originally cannonballs with a welded handle, also known as kettlebells or round dumbbells. They originated in Russia.

Kettlebell training promotes entire muscle chains instead of just isolated muscles, because the dumbbell can be used variably. Above all, the torso, which is considered the base of the body, is strengthened. In addition, the three-dimensional movements promote the activation and interaction of the holding and movement muscles. In addition, the kettlebell increases speed strength and coordinative skills. It improves body awareness, as the weight of the kettleball must be constantly controlled by the swinging motion.

The scientific foundations

Russian scientists confirmed already about thirty years ago that kettlebell training can be used to train the entire body. In 1983, the researcher Voropayev observed two groups of students over a period of several years. The first group trained with various standard exercises, based on military sports tests. The second group, on the other hand, trained exclusively with kettlebells. Despite the lack of experience, the kettlebell group was better in the disciplines of standard exercises!

Ten years later, the Siberian scientist Shevtsova examined 75 people who had already been training with kettlebells for several years. She found a permanently low heart rate and a correspondingly low and balanced blood pressure. Heart rate was low not only during rest periods, but also during and immediately after exercise. In addition, the heart's recovery time to return to normal pulse rate after exercise was correspondingly short.

Important for the training

Before kettlebell training, a sufficient warm-up is urgently needed to prepare the muscles of the body for the intense load. Otherwise, the risk of injury is quite high. As a beginner, you should first perform only light swing exercises. This way you can slowly get used to the ball and its dynamics and learn to handle it properly. A professional introduction by a trainer is also recommended to avoid injuries and wrong movements. After movement training, you can then train on your own.

The workout itself does not have to be particularly long, because the kettlebells train many different muscle groups within a short period of time and therefore even short training phases can be very effective.

The kettlebell is a small dumbbell that can achieve a great effect. It not only trains the whole body, but also helps with shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain. The number of followers who regularly give themselves the ball is increasing every day!