Avoid strict prohibitions!

Refrain from strict prohibitions during your diet. These usually have an opposite effect, because what is forbidden becomes all the more desirable. So if you strictly forbid yourself chocolate, you will constantly have to think about it and get a real craving for it. If you then become weak and snack on it, it usually does not remain with one piece, but the whole bar is eaten with the reasoning that it does not matter now anyway.

Counteract this vicious circle quite consciously: Allow yourself small sins! A small amount of chocolate does not harm your diet, it even counteracts cravings. From time to time, consciously enjoy a small piece of your favorite sweet tooth. It is only important that it remains with a small portion. You can then still look forward to your new slim figure.

If you do this already during the weight loss phase, it will be all the easier for you to keep your new figure afterwards. After all, if you deny yourself everything, you will eventually pounce on everything you can find in the fridge. Too strict prohibitions condemn a diet to failure - so be realistic. Balance is the key to success!